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For best quality roof repairs, turn to Advantage Roof Repairs and Gutters. We have over 22 year’s experience in all kinds of roofing, and offer free quotes and advice for any number of roofing issues. Contact today for free quotes!


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Advantage Roof Repairs and Gutters can diagnose and repair any roofing issue.

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After diagnosing the issue, Advantage Roof Repairs and Gutters will provide you with a free proposal outlining their services and price.

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Once you have accepted the proposal, Advantage Roof Repairs and Gutters will get to work repairing your roof!

Emergency Roof and Gutter Repair

Roofing emergency? Don’t panic! We’re here to help. Whether you have a leaky roof or your gutters are full of debris and water, we’ll send a crew out right away to repair your home’s exterior. We offer fast, friendly service with competitive rates and a guarantee that our work will last.We are fully licensed and insured, and we work with all insurance companies. So if you have an emergency at night or on the weekend, you can call us directly and one of our representatives will be glad to accommodate you.


Your roof not only protects your family, but also offers extra privacy too!


Guttering is a great product for anyone looking to install guttering, new or replacement. It's easy to install and comes in both copper and aluminium. Our guttering will make your home look beautiful and help protect your property from water damage.

New Roofs

We'll take care of your new roof installation. We are skilled at fitting front and rear guttering, downpipes and soffits on extension roofs. All works are fully insured for peace of mind.

Roof Leak Repair

When you have a leaky roof, it can be hard to know where it is coming from. A leaking roof can cause damage to your home and belongings if not repaired quickly. We offer services for a wide range of roofing issues.

Roof plumbing

The roof plumbing is the most important part of your roof system. Roof plumbing, made up of flashing and gutters, prevents water from entering your home. When water leaks into your home, it can cause damage to wood trusses, wooden flooring and electrical wiring.

Roof Repairs

Roof repairs can help prevent damage from the elements, prolonging your roof's life and saving you money down the road. There are a number of signs that indicate your roof needs repair. Call us today to ensure the stability of your home.

Roof Restoration

Our Roof Restoration process is designed to help improve the life of your roofing system. This may involve minor repairs such as re-sealing seams and flashing, or more drastic repairs such as replacing damaged shingles or install new underlayment.

Why Choose Us?

Advantage Roof Repairs and Gutters Company is the smart choice for repairing your roof.

22 years in business. That's a lot of happy customers. Advantage Roof Repairs and Gutters we put quality over price.


I was so satisfied with the service and price I received, I've passed on your information to all my friends and family. You saved me a lot of headache.

When roof is leaking, it can take days and sometimes weeks to get your roof leak fixed. In the meantime, you are left with a wet and exposed ceiling which often leads to mold build-up and potentially costly damages later on. With Advantage Roof Repairs and Gutters, the job is done in a single day so you can move forward with life without the problems caused by leaks.

I'm very pleased with the roof repair my roofer did. He was helpful, professional, and completed the job in a timely manner.


We offer same-day repair services for your roofing problems.


Advantage Roof Repairs and Gutters use premium products, materials and equipment to ensure your roof is repaired properly, which ensures a long lasting roof repair

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